Drone Services


Drone Ops (Pty) Ltd is a Gauteng based company that specializes in aerial photo, video and thermal imagery. Recent changes in South African aviation law has made the deployment of remotely piloted aircraft systems for commercial use, a strict and regulated industry.  Nobody is allowed to have financial or commercial gain using a drone, without approval from the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

We support the decision of the SACAA to implement these strict regulations and laws, and are committed to adhere to all required rules set out by it.  We are hard at work to become fully compliant, and should be operation early in 2016.

Our Services

Within this immensely regulated industry, we are able to offer photographic services to our clients that will not only meet their required needs, but is conducted within the parameters set out by the SACAA.  Our multi rotor drones can be deployed for many different jobs.

Structural surveys

Structural surveys from the sky allows you to get high quality footage of roofs, walls, scaffolding, chimneys, towers etc.  We remove the risk factor of having to instruct a person to climb onto high, unstable structures, risking injury or even death.  We reduce the time factor by being able to capture all angles of a structure within minutes, where you can review the footage and have actual data for preparing maintenance or repair work.

Thermal Imaging

Drone Ops has obtained a very specialized thermal imaging system from Europe that is mounted to the drone, allowing us to view heat signatures from objects on the ground or in the air.  The applications are endless; from tracking wildlife, to inspecting live electrical connections, survey damaged roofs or even predict imminent damage to machinery due to excessive heat generation – our thermal solutions assist clients in ways they could not have imagined.

Wildlife & Conservation

 South Africa boasts the most amazing wildlife experiences in the world.  Game counting is a very necessary exercise, but the cost of hiring helicopters makes this very hard to do.  Furthermore, due to the size and noise emitted by the helicopter, it is difficult to count game running in all directions.  We are able to capture video, photo, or even stream live video to you, without having the animals run about. The cost is also significantly less than that of a helicopter operation.  .


When you have suffered an insurance loss, and need to establish the quantum of the damage, or need to prepare for your claim submission, we can assist by having our drones survey the damaged structure, crops, fences or buildings within minutes, safely.  This footage can be submitted to your insurance firm, and in many cases, the cost of preparation of claims can be claimed back from the insurance company.


Your wedding day is a special occasion.  We are able to capture footage not previously possible by even the best wedding photographer.  We work together with your chosen photographer to capture those really out of this world moments.


Promote your business by having professional footage of your offices, or give your clients a birds eye view of golf days, outdoor events etc.  Giving customers an aerial overview of your venue, facilities or grounds will give a lasting impression.

Why Use Drones?

Cost is probably the biggest advantage of using remotely piloted aircraft, followed by the fact that drones does not have the limitations of taking off from an airport or airfield, and can deploy within minutes from almost anywhere.

The user has the ability of getting a birds’ perspective of objects, at a cost unlike any conventional method, and still have full control of what they want to see.

At Drone Ops we ensure that you receive the desired outcome, by deploying a professional team, consisting of a qualified UAV Pilot and dedicated cameraman, that has the necessary skill, knowledge and training, to give you best value for money.


Our drones?

The world leader in drone technology is undoubtedly DJI.  It is from their product range that we carefully selected our aircraft, with specific customer needs kept in mind.  DJI boasts cutting edge technology allowing our drone services to be safe, efficient and professional.

Currently we have a DJI Inspire 1 registered with the SACAA.  The Inspire 1 is the flagship of the DJI consumer fleet, and has great operational ability.  With 4K video capability, and a 12 Mega Pixel camera mounted to a 3 axis gimbal; it is able to rotate a full 360° and deliver crystal clear, smooth imagery in any condition.

We are in the process of obtaining a developer platform from DJI, called the Matrice 100.  It is mostly equal in capability to the Inspire, but now, thanks to a very sophisticated detect and avoid system, we are able to fly very close to objects, without risking collision – key in flying indoors or in close proximity to objects being inspected.

Further to our aircraft, we have implemented technology from SONY to increase our photographic capability, and we also use FLIR technology that enables us to take thermal imaging to a next level.