Drone Ops offer an expansive range of services to the commercial drone market.

D.O. Solutions

Authorised DJI Enterprise and FLIR Thermal Dealers.

D.O. Operations

Your Professional Drone Service Provider.

D.O. Training

We are a premium drone training facility.


Drone Specialists

Our mission is to provide our clients with premium drone services and put them at the forefront of their industries through the use of drone technology.


D.O. Solutions is an authorised DJI Enterprise dealer. We supply you with mission-specific drone solutions, ready-to-deploy and tailored to meet your unique industry needs.


Modern solutions to traditional industrial challenges. Surveying, mapping, blast monitoring, industrial inspections, security and surveillance all forming part of the DO Operations core service offerings.


DO Training offers our clients professional drone license courses that will take you from classroom to operations. Our courses include RPC, Manned to Unmanned, BVLOS, Fixed Wing and Instructor Rating. 

Powerline Inspection


Asset Inspection

Blast Monitoring

Survey & Mapping


Our Commitment

We are passionate about the increasing benefits that drones bring to our daily lives.

Drone Technology is being adopted at a rapidly growing rate in sectors like mining, construction, security and powerlines. This is because of the accuracy at which drones capture data and is unsurpassed by any technology on the commercial market. High-risk evaluations and day-to-day decision making have become the new currency to the successful business owner.



Customer Care

We are a premium drone company run by passionate & highly-experienced aviation experts from all sectors of the industry. By offering exceptional customer service in a modern digital environment, we strive to build a reputation of superior UAV experts on a global scale.


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The RPAS Alumni is a database of all drone pilots who have completed training with us. Join the community!


Drone Ops is an approved SACAA UASOC with a class III General Air Service license.

DJI Case Study


Police Operations Made More Effective with Drones.
DJI Case Study


Scaling Out Powerline Inspection with Drone Technology.
DJI Case Study

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas Drones Improve Inspection Results For Argentina’s Oil and Gas Refineries.

Youtube Channel

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