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Drone Ops is a culmination of drone service companies merged into one to provide clients with trusted drone service solutions. As a team, we hold four variables at the core of our Business.


What we stand for

 Together these four variables are derived from the Trust Equation written and introduced by David Maister.

trust equation


  • 9Credentials
  • 9Skill mastery
  • 9Competent
  • 9Capable
  • 9Honest
  • 9Transparent
  • 9Accurate


  • 9On-time performance
  • 9Say what you do and do what you say


  • 9Building lasting relationships with our clients
  • 9Working in collaboration to meet the victory goal the client

Self Interest

  • 9Development of Staff and Company
  • 9Competing as a leader in the market

Powerline Inspection


Asset Inspection

Blast Monitoring

Survey & Mapping


Our Origin

The company started in 2015 and registered with the South African Civil Aviation Authority as a UASOC (G1252D). Drone Ops together with other drone service divisions have merged in 2021 to offer their clients a full solution to drone-orientated solutions for the Power, Security and Mining industries.

The services offerings range from Aviation Drone Pilot Training (SACAA/1211/ATO), Drone Aircraft Reseller of DJI enterprise and drone repairs by a qualified in-house RMT (RPAS Maintenance technicians), Drone Deployment Service Teams, Drone Conferencing and registered UASOC (Unmanned Aircraft System Operating Certificate) (G1252D).


Meet the team

Sean Reitz


Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the Healthcare and Unmanned aviation industry. Skilled in Budgeting, Business Planning, Entrepreneurial coaching, Public Speaking, and English. Strong business development professional having attended RAU and an Executive development Strategy course at Harvard. 

Thabo Mogawane

MD of Advanced Aerial powered by Drone Ops

Qualified Surveyor with a BTECH degree in Engineering Survey. He is registered with the South African Geomatics Council for Professional and Technical Surveyors (Practice No: GTC ES 1997). He is currently completing his master’s degree in Town Planning.

Grant Tyson

Head of Growth and Sales

Successful Sales Career with 22 years’ experience. Ongoing target achievements, creating customer satisfaction with technology solutions to help drive business value. Empowering teams to achieve goals by creating high performance and reward environments. A highly motivated professional who is excited to lead and be part of a winning team. Excellent customer relationships and the ability to create lasting partnerships while effectively resolving customer challenges. Electrical Engineering in Heavy Current BTech Degree.

Damian Erhke

Head of Aviation and Compliance

Experience Manned aviation flight instructor and former unmanned chief flight instructor which paved the way for Damian to specialise as the Head of Aviation and compliance. Qualified as an aviation auditor, Aviation Quality Assurance, Safety Management and Drone Pilot with BVLOS, CTR Airspace.


Solution Account Manager for Drone Ops


Training Sales Representative


Our CLients


Customer Care

We are a premium drone company run by passionate & highly-experienced aviation experts from all sectors of the industry. By offering exceptional customer service in a modern digital environment, we strive to build a reputation of superior UAV experts on a global scale.


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The RPAS Alumni is a database of all drone pilots who have completed training with us. Join the community!


Drone Ops is an approved SACAA UASOC with a class III General Air Service license.

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