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Our equipment

We use DJI drone solutions.

Unmanned Aircrafts

Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual

An all-in-one drone platform that equips teams with an easy-to-use aerial tool, providing close range task support during critical incident analysis.

Thermal Sensor

Integrated Radiometric FLIR®

Adjustable Parameters

For Emissivity & Reflective Surfaces

Multiple Display Modes

FLIR MSX™, Infrared & Visible

Unmanned Aircrafts

Matrice 300 RTK

Offering up to 55 minutes of flight time, advanced AI capabilities, 6 Directional Sensing & Positioning and more, the M300 RTK sets a whole new standard by combining intelligence with high-performance and unrivalled reliability.

Enhanced Flight Performance

A Refined Airframe and Propulsion System Design

Enhanced Flight Performance

15 km Transmission Range

Aviation-Grade Situational Awareness

Empower the Pilot with Exceptional Situational Awareness

Unmanned Aircrafts


The ultimate platform for aerial productivity combines a rugged design and simple configurability to work as a solution for a variety of industrial applications. 

Power Onboard Devices

Onboard SDK Compatibility

Anti-collision Beacon

Discreet Mode

Unmanned Aircrafts

Matrice 600 Pro

Dustproof propulsion systems simplify maintenance and active cooling motors ensure that operation is reliable for extended periods of time. The M600 Pro is natively compatible with several Zenmuse cameras and gimbals. 

Actively Cooled Motors

Retractable Landing Gear

E2000 PRO

Intelligent Battery

Unmanned Aircrafts

Phantom 4 RTK

DJI has rethought its drone technology from the ground-up, revolutionizing its systems to achieve a new standard for drone accuracy – offering Phantom 4 RTK customers centimeter-accurate data while requiring fewer ground control points.

1cm + 1ppm

RTK Horizontal Positioning Accuracy

1.5cm + 1ppm

RTK Vertical Positioning Accuracy


Absolute Horizontal Accuracy of Photogrammetric Models

*When flying at 100m height, 2.7cm GSD, sunny.

Unmanned Aircrafts


This hybrid VTOL platform is the perfect solution for regular surveillance, conservation, as well as search-and-rescue and emergency response.


Vertical take-off and landing

Large Scope of Coverage

Max of 120-minutes of flight time and up to 100-km range

Incredible Endurance

Built with Carbon and Kevlar reinforced EPO


Customer Care

We are a premium drone company run by passionate & highly-experienced aviation experts from all sectors of the industry. By offering exceptional customer service in a modern digital environment, we strive to build a reputation of superior UAV experts on a global scale.


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