DO Operations


Protect your assets with a proactive and full situational awareness system.

DO Operations

Border Breaches

Security are unable to monitor all borders at the same time. CCTV fails at long range monitoring.

How We respond

  • Ground station team: Consisting of licensed pilot and observer able to contact security task force or authorities at the sign of any risk.

DO Operations

Targeted Asset Loss

Security reaction time can be slow, allowing for high volumes of assets to be taken at a single time.

How We respond

  • Live data and video feed: allows for real-time signalling and faster security deployment.
  • Ground force integration: Know where the UAV is and where to deploy security teams to.

DO Operations

Night Time Monitoring

Naked-eye monitoring is ineffective in the dark. CCTV not equipped for long-distance surveillance.

How We respond

  • Thermal Mapping: up to 3km vision day and night.
  • Minimal noise technology: Able to get closer to the object for detailed facial recognition.

DO Operations


By placing personal, the human risk factor increases. Costing of a specialised security system for prevention and also a multitude of security systems required for monitoring.

How We respond

  • Extended flying time: When the target is acquired, hover initiated over the object until the security detail is on site.
  • Object tracking: sensor stays focused on object while UAV flies. Cars and people can be tracked.


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