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D.O. Operations

Modern solutions to traditional industrial challenges

Drone Ops provides modern solutions to traditional industrial level challenges ranging from surveying, mapping, blast monitoring, industrial inspections, security and surveillance all forming part of our core service offerings.

With the use of drone technology, we are able to deliver effective and efficient information in real-time data. Information has gone from days to minutes. From high risk evaluations to day-to-day decisions and planning for your site, the drone technologies available will bring the field right to your office and beyond.

Powerline Inspection


Asset Inspection

Blast Monitoring

Survey & Mapping

D.O. Operations

Drone Operations Licenses

We are licensed to fly BVLOS & Night Operations under CAA UASOC Number G1252D operating within the H1 and H2 Categories as per the Class III ASL.

Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS)

There are 2 key factors that make BVLOS flight a tipping point for commercial drone industry expansion. The first is enabling service providers to conduct complex drone operations. The second is enabling drones to be able to conduct truly unmanned flight with no pilot needed for take-off or landing.

Night Drone Operations

Our Nighttime Drone Operations provides a specialised and dynamic addition to our services offering. Whether it be for 24-hour security needs or allowing for uninterrupted thermal monitoring operations. Flying UAVs during the night can greatly improve your operational efficiencies. 

Drone Ops

Data is Power

Gather better data, more often and at a quicker pace.


RGB (colour) images and footage taken from an elevated point with drones fitted with HD and/or 4K with high dynamic range and more image detail needed for advanced post-production.


Multispectral images integrated with specialized software which output the information into meaningful data.


Rapid and reliable aerial thermal imaging with accurate  precision over large areas and providing temperature measurements ideal for analytics and telemetry.


Customer Care

We are a premium drone company run by passionate & highly-experienced aviation experts from all sectors of the industry. By offering exceptional customer service in a modern digital environment, we strive to build a reputation of superior UAV experts on a global scale.


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Drone Ops is an approved SACAA UASOC with a class III General Air Service license.

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