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Respond effectively with an eye in the sky.

DO Solutions


How drones help with tactical security

DJI drone solutions give security teams protection against an unexpected encounter with the enemy or an attack. High-powered thermal and zoom cameras allow teams to identify heat signatures through the built fabric, then take a closer look for confirmation.

DO Solutions

Perimeter Response

How drones conduct perimeter responses

DJI drone solutions efficiently scan perimeters for possible intruders. Security teams can use thermal and zoom cameras to sweep areas even in low visibility, locate heat signatures, and initiate a defence.

DO Solutions

Event Security

How drones conduct event security

DJI drone solutions provide a visual feed of large events to help safety and health authorities make informed decisions. With a drone’s live stream, they can more effectively direct on-the-ground teams and communicate the situation to off-site stakeholders when dealing with crowd control.

DJI Case Study


Eliminate Grid Downtime With Drone Inspection.
DJI Case Study


Scaling Out Powerline Inspection with Drone Technology.
DJI Case Study

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas Drones Improve Inspection Results For Argentina’s Oil and Gas Refineries.


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