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DJI UAS Inspection

This course is intended for all persons using UAS for inspection purposes, either as a payload operator or as a pilot.


The UAS Inspection course is intended for professionals that either want to improve or create knowledge on how to use an UAS for inspection purposes and combine this with a skill training for an official drone license. Together with an experienced instructor, you will learn the skills required to operate a drone professionally and safely in industrial environments.

Applicable industries

  • 9Building or instruction surveying
  • 9Electrical distribution
  • 9Gas and oil pipelines
  • 9Forestation
  • 9Mapping
  • 9Environmental and wildlife Protection

Skills you will develop

  • 9Developing a flight plan and mapping sequence
  • 9Risk Analysis and Mitigating Measures
  • 9Extensive knowledge on the M200 series and payloads
  • 9Thermal imaging and real-time analysis
  • 9Inspections of Solar panels and power lines
  • 9DJI Pilot apps
  • 9RTK functionalities

Skills you will develop

  • 9All trainees will be required to take the UTC test after the training course, including a theory exam and practical test. Additional to the UTC test, the RPA-L theory and practical exam is conducted on behalf of the Civil Aviation Authority. The UTC Certificate will be issued for those who pass the testing, as a recognition of the gained skills for inspection skills.


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